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2023 Hearing Therapeutics Summit

Talk: Prof David W Raible

ORC-13661: from fish tank to first-in-class drug

Prof David W Raible, Oricula Therapeutics

I will describe the development of ORC-13661, a first-in-class drug to prevent aminoglycoside antibiotic-induced hair cell loss. Identified and refined using zebrafish as a model, ORC-13661 has advanced to a recently approved Phase 2 multi-site trial for patients treated with aminoglycosides to resolve non-tubercular mycobacterium infections.

About Prof David W Raible

Co-founder, Oricula Therapeutics, USA

David Raible is the Virginia Merrill Bloedel Professor at the University of Washington, where he has led work using the zebrafish system to understand mechanosensory hair cell development, damage and regeneration. 

With Ed Rubel and Julian Simon, he developed a screening strategy to identify and develop therapies to prevent ototoxic damage by therapeutic drugs including aminoglycoside antibiotics and cisplatin.  With Rubel and Simon, and joined by Vince Groppi and Graham Johnson, he co-founded Oricula to bring these therapies to the clinic.

Satellite event of the 58th Inner Ear Biology Meeting