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A Message from Ewen Stevenson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, RNID

Ewen Stevenson, Chairman of the Board of Trustees, RNID looking towards the camera, smiling, with blurred trees in the background.

My name is Ewen Stevenson and I’m Chairman of the Board of Trustees of RNID. 

I was delighted to be appointed Chairman last year, because the work that RNID does is extremely close to my heart. I have been permanently deaf in my left ear for over a decade, and so I understand the profound impact that serious hearing loss has on someone’s day-to-day life. RNID is the leading charity for deafness, hearing loss and tinnitus in the UK, and is therefore best placed to make a real difference to the 12 million people who live with these conditions. 

All of RNID’s vital work is only made possible thanks to kind supporters like you and I wanted to take the opportunity to talk about another way you could choose to kindly support the work of RNID, by leaving a gift in your Will.

I have recently done this for RNID in my own Will. Should you choose to give in this way, the full amount of your gift will go directly towards making sure that people who are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus can turn to us in their hour of need. And, as you may know, any such gift is inheritance tax free if you are a UK taxpayer. 

Please take a moment to continue reading, and I’ll tell you about a couple of important RNID services that gifts in Wills help fund. Services that are really having a positive impact on our community.    

RNID Hearing Check

I am very excited about a new service called RNID Hearing Check, a quick, easy and free online test that is helping people find out if they are showing signs of hearing loss. So far over 280,000 people have taken this check and our ambition, with the help of supporters like you, is to reach millions more. 

Last year, over 200,000 people took the RNID Hearing Check, at a cost of 47p per person. As a result of taking the hearing check, 1 in 2 people found they had some kind of hearing loss.

I know just how alarming it can be to experience the first signs of hearing loss. When it happens to someone, more than anything, they need a swift diagnosis so they can get the hearing aids and other support they need to manage their hearing loss as quickly and efficiently as possible. That is exactly what RNID Hearing Check can provide.

RNID Near You

RNID Near You is another vital service, providing in-person support in local communities for people who are concerned about their hearing. RNID staff and trained volunteers are on hand in local communities to offer essential help, from basic hearing aid repairs to practical and emotional support from people who have experienced deafness, hearing loss or tinnitus themselves. 

I’m sure you can understand how costly a service like this can be to run and manage. Last year, 33,417 people used an RNID Near You service, costing around £80 per user – at a total cost of £2.7million.  

RNID provides these services to anyone who needs them completely free of charge, and receives very little funding from the government to support these services. That means, to carry on providing life-changing services like these in the years ahead, RNID is relying on kind gifts left in supporters’ Wills.

Gifts in Wills

A gift in your Will could help make sure that future generations of people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus can carry on accessing life-changing services – and face the future with hope.

Whether you leave RNID a gift in your Will or not, having a valid and up-to-date Will is one of the most important documents that you will ever possess – and it doesn’t have to be expensive or complicated. To help you, RNID have partnered with Guardian Angel, a dedicated Will writing service that can help you write or update your Will at absolutely no cost to you.

Finally, I’d like to say a big thank you for your continued support.

Ewen Stevenson

Chairman of the Board of Trustees, RNID

Gifts in Wills are vital to our work

Gifts in Wills fund over two-thirds of our income and are vital to the work we do. Every gift left, by our generous supporters, no matter what size, makes a real difference to our work.
Write your Will for free with RNID

Contact us

If you have any questions, or would like to have a chat with us about leaving a gift in your Will, please contact us at giftsinwills@beta.rnid.org.uk or call 020 3227 6034.

Page last updated: 1 August 2023

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