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Our A-Z of fundraising ideas

Want to raise money for RNID but not sure where to start? Here’s an A–Z of our favourite fundraising ideas to inspire you!


Afternoon tea – go all-out with the tea, cake and cucumber sandwiches, and charge your friends and family for the privilege.

Auction of promises – what good deeds can you promise to the highest bidder? Cake baking, car washing, dog walking, gardening, making cups of tea in the office? Get your friends involved too.


Bake for RNID!

Whether you’re a seasoned baker or just like eating the cookie dough when no one’s looking, why not host a bake sale to support people who are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus? We’ve got all the info you need.
Bake for RNID

Bike ride – a great way to challenge yourself to get fit and raise money for a great cause. Plan your own ride or join our team at a cycling event.

Bingo – we love bingo because it’s suitable for all ages and you can adapt it to your audience. Search online for fun bingo squares and charge a set amount to enter.

Birthday fundraiser – make your next birthday even more meaningful by setting up a fundraiser on Facebook.


Challenge yourself!

Challenge yourself and get sponsored to undertake one of our sports and challenge events!
Explore our challenge events

Coffee morning – invite your friends over for a cuppa. Don’t forget the cake and biscuits!

Collection – get in touch for branded buckets or tins.


Dinner party – cook up a feast for your friends and get them to donate what they’d pay for it in a restaurant. Themed dinner parties are always fun.

Dress in decibels – pick a day for everyone to wear their loudest, brightest clothes to work or school for a donation. It’s also a great way to raise awareness of hearing loss and deafness.


Egg and spoon race – add some old-fashioned fun to your garden party or sports day.


Facebook fundraising

Did you know you can raise money for RNID by setting up a dedicated fundraising page on Facebook? Your friends can donate in a few taps, and every penny comes to us!
Explore Facebook fundraising

Fancy dress days – great fundraisers for schools and offices. Get everyone to wear their best fancy-dress outfit and pay £1 for the privilege.


Games night – invite your mates over and dig out the board games – or video games – for a night of friendly competition in return for a donation.

Garden party – organise a summer BBQ or picnic. Ask guests for a donation up front and think about adding some extra fundraisers like a raffle. Don’t forget to decorate your garden with our free bunting!

Give it up! – glued to your phone? Known for your coffee or chocolate addiction? Get sponsored to go a day, a week – or more – without it.

Guess the number of sweets in a jar – charge a set amount to enter and the person who guesses the answer correctly, or is closest to it, wins the sweets.


Halloween party – a great fancy-dress fundraiser. Sell tickets or ask guests for a donation up front. Don’t forget the apple bobbing and other Halloween games.

Hiking – plan your own sponsored hike with friends and family, or take part in an event.


Indoor rowing – you don’t have to take to the water to set yourself a sponsored rowing challenge – head down to your local gym!


Jumble sale – have a clear out and sell what you don’t want or need – host a party, go to a car boot sale, or sell online through sites like eBay and GumTree.


Karaoke – rent a karaoke machine and hold an event in your local pub, university bar – or office. Sell tickets and ask a local business to donate a prize. You could also sell earplugs on the door.


Lipreading challenge – challenge yourself and people at work to a brief informal office meeting or lunch break where nobody vocalises their speech. It’ll raise awareness of how difficult lipreading is and how important it is to look at people when you speak. Ask for donations from everyone involved.


Marathon events (that aren’t a marathon!). Hold a sponsored marathon event, such as swimming, ping pong, Zumba or spinning. Set your challenge – for example, the hours or distance to cover – and divide into teams to complete it in shifts.

Run a marathon for RNID!

Explore our UK-wide selection of marathons and half marathons you can run to support people who are deaf, have hearing loss and tinnitus.
Run a marathon for RNID

Mulled wine and mince pies – one for the festive season and best enjoyed with carols and candlelight.


Night in – invite your friends round for food, drinks, a film night or a pampering session – or all of the above – and ask for donations for the privilege.


Office collection – hold a bake sale or bake off, have a fancy-dress day, provide lunch or simply shake a tin.


Party – everyone loves a good party. Charge for entry and add fancy-dress, karaoke or games.


Quiz night – quizzes are really popular and a great way to raise a good amount of cash. Pubs are the usual venue, but any free community space would work.


Raffle – ask local businesses to donate top prizes such a spa day or theatre tickets. Search online to buy raffle ticket books.

Running – whether it’s a fun run or the London Marathon, there’s a running challenge for you!


Silent disco – give everyone a playlist to listen to through their headphones, and get dancing.

Skydiving – get sponsored to take on a once-in-a-lifetime challenge. Find out more.

Sponsored silence – how long can you go without talking? A couple of hours? A day? Get your friends and family to pay to keep you quiet.

Supermarket bag pack – ask to hold a bag-packing day in your local supermarket. Bring some friends, pick a busy shopping day and get packing for small change.

Sweepstakes – good fun for sports tournaments and the Eurovision Song Contest. Charge people to enter and the winners get either a prize or a small percentage of the money raised.


Treasure hunt – lay a trail of clues with a top prize at the end. Charge people to take part.


Uniform-free day

An easy way to fundraise at school: ditch the uniform and everyone donates a pound! You could even pick a fancy dress theme. Explore our other fundraising at school ideas.
Explore our school fundraising ideas


Variety show – everyone has a talent, right? Put on a show and charge people to watch.


Walk – whether you challenge yourself to reach 10,000 steps a day or hike the Great Wall of China, walking is a great way to get fit while fundraising.

Wine tasting evening – see if a supermarket or off-license will donate a few bottles for the tasting, and sell bottles for them at the end (for a small profit of course).


Xmas party/fair – organise a big Christmas party or sell homemade gifts at a Christmas fair.


Yes day – could you say “yes” to everything for a day? Take on the sponsored challenge at home or in the office.


Ziplining – get sponsored to fly through the air on a zipline and encourage your mates to join in.

Prepare for your fundraising event

Page last updated: 31 October 2023

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