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Getting used to hearing aids

Follow-up hearing appointment

Most face-to-face audiology services are running a bit differently because of the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Contact your audiology provider to find out what services they are offering and how you can access them. If you need help finding contact details, please contact us.

You should be invited to a follow-up appointment with your audiologist once you’ve had your hearing aids fitted. This may be face-to-face or over the phone.

At this appointment, your audiologist will check:

  • how well you’ve been getting on with your hearing aids
  • if you’ve been wearing them consistently
  • if you’ve had any problems using or maintaining them
  • if they have been comfortable to wear for long periods.

If you need any adjustments, they can make these for you in the appointment. If you have a telephone appointment, they will arrange a face-to-face appointment to fix any problems.

It’s important to tell your audiologist if you have any problems or if you aren’t sure about something. 

They will be happy to help solve any problems you have been having, and can explain anything you’re not sure about. They want you to hear well and be confident with your hearing aids.