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Hearing implants

A hearing implant may be an option if you get little or no benefit from hearing aids.

Hearing implants are a range of devices that can help people hear. Hearing implants, such as cochlear implants, provide an option for people who get limited benefit from hearing aids. Hearing implants are also useful for people who are unable to wear hearing aids for medical reasons.

Find out if a hearing implant could help you hear better

If you think that a hearing implant might help you, you can discuss this with your audiologist, GP or healthcare professional helping you with your hearing loss. If they think that you might benefit from a hearing implant, they can refer you to a hearing implant centre, if you wish.

A hearing implant centre is made up of a team of healthcare professionals, including audiologists, specialist doctors and speech and language therapists. The team will be able to assess your hearing and advise you on which hearing implant options, if any, could help you.

The best hearing implant for you depends on several different things, including:

  • the type of hearing loss you have
  • the level of your hearing loss
  • any other medical conditions you have.

Page last updated: 17 January 2024

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