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Your result shows you have signs of hearing loss

Your result shows you have signs of hearing loss

Hearing loss affects 1 in 5 of us, so this result is common. By taking our online hearing check, you’ve taken the first step to hearing better.

Next step

The online hearing test is a reliable way to check for signs of possible hearing loss.

For more detailed results, visit a hearing specialist for a full hearing assessment and personalised advice.

You can do this in three ways:

Option 1

Contact your GP

  • Contact your GP so they can refer you to an NHS audiology (hearing) service.
  • We’ve written a letter that you can give to your GP that explains your result (PDF, 122KB).

Option 2

Self-refer to an
NHS service

  • You can contact some NHS audiology services directly for a free hearing assessment.
  • This may be your local hospital or a high street provider.
  • If you’re not sure how to self-refer, your GP might be able to help.

Option 3

Self-refer to
private services

  • Book a hearing test directly with a private audiology service – they’re often found on the high street.
  • The wait may be shorter, but you may have to pay for the test, and will have to pay for any treatment.

If you have experienced sudden hearing loss, in one or both ears, contact NHS 111 or see your GP as soon as possible.

If you have other symptoms like dizziness, ear discharge or earache, see your GP before booking a private hearing test, so they can examine your ears.

You’re not alone

17,122 people have had the same result as you from the hearing check, so we asked them for some feedback.

“Glad I finally bit the bullet to get a test.”

“I didn’t think I had a problem, but the RNID online test persuaded me to get my hearing assessed. I’m glad I got it tested.”

“Thank you, the online hearing test spurred me on to have a professional hearing check.”

How are your friends and family hearing?

If you know someone who might not be hearing as well as they used to, send them a link to our online hearing check:

We’re here if you need us

If you have any questions about your hearing check result or need
information or support, get in touch.

Our contact centre is run by people with lived experience, who
can help wherever you are on your journey for as long as you need.

We’re open 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

We rely on donations from people like you

Only 83p is spent on research for every person with hearing loss. This is compared to £16 for every person with sight loss.

Help us fund research to find new and better treatments to change people’s lives.
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Page last updated: 3 January 2024

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