Old name, new purpose: why we’ve gone back to RNID

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Tell your story with RNID

Sharing your story is a brilliant way to help support a community of people who may have similar experiences to you and the charitable impact we can make.

An illustration of a woman listening, her hand behind her ear, with text saying: "Tell us your story"
An illustration of a woman listening, with the phrase: Tell us your story

By sharing your story, you can help inform and inspire other deaf people, or those living with hearing loss or tinnitus, and share your lived experience with the public. You’ll also be supporting the impact we can make as a charity, as real lived experience helps the public to want to help.

The kind of stories we’re looking for right now

We always want to hear your stories, whatever they’re about. Right now, we’re particularly interested in:

  • What attitudes towards your deafness or hearing loss you’ve experienced by the public
  • Your experience of needing ear wax removal and of those removal services
  • Experiences of how RNID might have supported you on your journey of being deaf, or of having hearing loss or tinnitus
  • If you’re a parent who is raising – or has raised – a deaf child
  • If you’ve tried to watch TV without subtitles
  • If you are taking on a fundraising challenge for RNID.

How to share your story

We ask everyone who agrees to share their story to complete this form, which provides us with some basic personal details and consent to share your story.

The story form in BSL

Watch here to understand more about how story form works in BSL.

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