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Connevans Christmas Gift Guide 2023

With Christmas round the corner, we asked Connevans, our assistive devices partner, to pick out some great gift ideas for friends and family – or yourself! Here they share their top gift ideas.


A black curved clock with red digital numbers showing the time: 5:25 PM. Next to it is a black curved plastic item.

Our customers often say how frustrated they are by sleeping through their alarm clock when they haven’t got their hearing aids in. We have a huge range of loud alarm clocks with flashing lights and vibrating shakers. We particularly like the Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve which combines powerful sound and vibration with a bright flashing light and large, easy to read curved display.

Wake ‘n’ Shake Curve Code: 40CLWAKEC £55.00 (£45.83 ex VAT)

Personal Listeners

A hand held remote with six buttons on it and various lights.

The Bellman Maxi Classic personal listener (previously known as RNID Sonido) is a bestseller on our RNID partnership shopping website. It can be used to listen to group conversation (handy for Christmas gatherings), or when out at the shops or listening to the radio and TV. The Bellman Maxi delivers clear and distinct speech and works with headphones or earphones, and when using a neck loop with hearing aids.

Bellman Maxi Classic Personal Listener Code: 91BE2020 £137.36 (£114.47 ex VAT)


A pair of white, cordless hand-held phones with a screen on each one. The console the phones slot into has additional buttons with images on them, including a taxi, a nurse, a fire, and different people's faces.

An extra loud phone makes a great gift. We’ve got corded, cordless and combo styles (a corded phone and a cordless extra handset) and different levels of amplification to suit different levels of hearing loss. The Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 Cordless Twin Pack is one of our most popular models, including two cordless handsets with clear buttons and up to 50dB receiver volume.

Geemarc AmpliDECT 595 cordless twin pack Code: 40TDECT595T £145.00 (£120.83 ex VAT)

If you’ve got the budget to make a high-value purchase, we highly recommend the Roger On version-2 digital wireless system from Phonak. This versatile microphone can be used for TV listening, in small group gatherings, and one-to-one. The version-2 model comes with headset mode for use in virtual meetings such as Zoom or Skype calls and can even be used when gaming.

Connevans director Laura says:

“The Roger On has been a hugely popular system for years. Its dynamic microphone technology helps people with hearing aids or cochlear implants hear better at a distance or in noise situations.”

A photograph of a woman with shoulder-length hair, a grey top and a necklace. She's smiling at the camera.

For smaller gift options, check the Connevans website for a selection of hearing aid care kits, inductive neckloops for listening to music, and Vibratime vibrating watches.

TV listeners

A black speaker with a handle on top, being lifted by a hand out of an electronic holder.

There are two main styles of TV listener: headset models with earbuds that go into the ears and hang down under the chin, or neck-worn with an inductive neckloop, for use with a hearing aid on the loop program.

Both are very popular, but if you want to boost the TV volume without wearing anything, then our Portable Wireless TV Speaker is a great choice. This handy speaker brings good quality sound right to you, wherever you are in the house or garden. It works independently from your TV volume and has a rechargeable battery and sleep timer.

Portable Wireless TV Speaker Code: 93TVSPK1 £157.76 (£131.47 ex VAT)


A curved, black cuboid speaker with volume buttons, and the text: 'sound oasis' on the front.

Many people with tinnitus find sound distraction helpful when trying to sleep. The BST-80-20T from Sound Oasis is a tiny (only two inches tall!) sound therapy speaker. It comes with 20 Sound Oasis sounds and can also be customised with your own sounds on an SD card (or stream sounds via Bluetooth from your smartphone or tablet). This compact speaker is easy to take with you if you’re travelling over the festive period, and provides excellent sound quality.

Sound Oasis BST-80-20T Code: 14SBST80T £37.80 (£31.50 ex VAT)

Did you know?

Connevans offer extended returns to give you extra peace of mind with your Christmas shopping choices. Items bought between 24 November and 22 December can be returned any time until 12 January 2024 (or 30 days after purchase, whichever is the longer).

Product pricing correct at time of publication. Postage and packing charges may apply.

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When you shop online at our dedicated website with Connevans, 10% of each purchase is donated to RNID to support our vital work.
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