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“Why I’m remembering RNID in my Will”

“I have always been a very sociable, people-loving person. Being a teacher meant that being able to organise and motivate people was an extremely important aspect of my life and were the kinds of activities that made me thrive.

From around 1975 I had increasingly intrusive tinnitus, followed by the loss of high frequencies in 1990. I became profoundly deaf in 2001. For years I struggled with hearing aids and it was only when I received a cochlear implant in 2006 that I became truly aware of the importance of the research projects funded by RNID. That’s when I decided to leave them a gift in my Will.

I am very thankful for my cochlear implant and for the positive impact it has had on my life. And I’ve been especially grateful for it during the pandemic.

When everyone is wearing a mask, lip-reading becomes impossible. So, apart from exercising more often and enjoying green space, my wife and I have stayed home. Life online has become even more vital, so we can all keep in touch through Zoom and all the other amazing ways that the internet provides.

With live cultural events suspended, I’ve been spending a lot of time on YouTube enjoying performances of familiar music. I’ve found lots of free downloadable music scores online and they act like subtitles for the music, so I can read what’s going on in a performance.

My cochlear implant makes all this possible and everything in my life so much easier. When things return to normal, I just hope that many more people can experience the life-changing benefits of an implant.

That’s exactly why I have left a gift in my Will to RNID – so that research into future technologies can continue eventually leading to a cure and allowing others to regain the soundtracks to their lives.”

All of us at RNID are extremely grateful to Stephen and others who leave a gift in their Will to us, their generosity means so very much and really helps to make a difference.

Write your Will for free with RNID

RNID is partnered with two trusted Will-writing service providers – Guardian Angel and the National Free Wills Network. Whether online, by telephone or in person, they make the process as hassle-free as possible, and as a supporter of RNID we offer these services free of charge.

Female scientist with microscope smiling at camera

A gift in your Will funds vital research

Research holds the key to a better tomorrow for people with hearing loss and tinnitus and RNID is funding important research projects at the UCL Ear Institute. This is made possible by gifts left in the Wills of our very generous supporters.

Read about the inspiring partnership

Page last updated: 1 August 2023

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