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Payroll giving

Making a regular donation straight from your salary is an easy way to give to RNID. And you don’t pay tax on your donation, so it costs you less.

If your employer already runs a payroll giving scheme, you can sign up now.

How payroll giving works

When you sign up, you choose the amount you’d like to give to RNID and a regular donation is then taken from your salary. 

Unlike other ways of donating to charity, the donation is taken from your pay before income tax is calculated and deducted, so your gift costs you less. 

The government gives us what you would have paid in income tax on the amount you donate, so we still get the amount you pledge. 

It’s also possible to donate in this way through a pension.

The amount you will pay depends on your tax rate. For example:

If you pledge £5:

  • as a 20% tax payer you pay £4
  • as a 40% tax payer you pay £3
  • as a 45% tax payer you pay £2.75.

If you pledge £10:

  • as a 20% tax payer you pay £8
  • as a 40% tax payer you pay £6.
  • as a 45% tax payer you pay £5.50.

If your employer doesn’t have a payroll scheme in place yet, it’s easy for them to set one up. They can find out more on the Payroll Giving pages of GOV.UK.

How giving through your wages can help

By giving as you earn, you are supporting our services that help to transform the lives of people who are feeling isolated due to hearing loss or tinnitus.

One of the vital services that payroll giving helps fund is our national hearing aid support service. We run drop-in sessions and home visits across the UK to support thousands of people to make the most of their hearing aids, so they can hear well and communicate more easily with friends, colleagues and loved ones.

  • £6 a month could help provide a hearing aid maintenance kit for support workers and volunteers to help people maintain their hearing aids.
  • £10 a month could help to run Hear to Meet befriending sessions, where people can meet others who are deaf or have hearing loss, share experiences and feel supported.
  • £25 a month could help to train a volunteer to support people who are deaf or have hearing loss or tinnitus.

Find out more about our work and how your support can make a difference.

Contact us

If you are deaf, have hearing loss or tinnitus and need free confidential and impartial information and support, contact RNID.

We’re open 8:30am to 5pm, Monday to Friday.

Page last updated: 21 September 2022

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