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Every other month, we send our Network members a curated update on the sector of hearing therapeutics. It contains the latest results from treatments currently in clinical trials, relevant industry news from biotech companies, event announcements, funding opportunities and more.

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Our newsletter archive

We’ve been sharing such content with the hearing research community since 2017. In 2023 we created a new newsletter for our HTI Network. Explore some past examples below.

Companies developing treatments for inner ear disorders and tinnitus

The Hearing Therapeutics Initiative maintains an overview of companies working in the field of therapeutics for inner ear and central hearing disorders, their therapeutics approaches, indications, products, mechanisms of action and phases of development.

This information is summarized in the table below and updated regularly:

Download the 2021 hearing therapeutic pipeline data( Excel spreadsheet, 228kb)

To find out more, please email hti@beta.rnid.org.uk

The global hearing therapeutic pipeline

The global hearing therapeutics pipeline: 2021

We recently published an analysis of potential new treatments currently at different stages of development: Isherwood B et al (2022) The global hearing therapeutic pipeline 2021, Drug Discovery Today 27(3).

Please contact hti@beta.rnid.org.uk to request a copy of the paper.

Collaboration for hearing therapeutic development – Workshop report 

The Role of Collaboration in Accelerating Patient Focused Hearing Therapeutic Development - Workshop report

This workshop explored the evolving landscape of hearing therapeutics and the role of collaboration in advancing the field. Participants and panellists reviewed the global hearing therapeutic pipeline for hearing disorders and shared their perspectives on ongoing initiatives and future opportunities for collaboration to overcome challenges. It considered examples of collaborative innovation in drug discovery beyond hearing and key success factors and priorities for hearing therapeutics. 

The report summarises and highlights actions resulting from the workshop which was organised by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate and attended by participants across industry, academia and charitable organisations as part of the 1st Inner Ear Disorders Therapeutic Summit run and owned by Hanson Wade in May 2021. 

Please e-mail hti@beta.rnid.org.uk to request a copy.

Landscape Webinar Series

A monthly webinar series developed by the Hearing Medicines Discovery Syndicate (2020-2021), exploring hearing drug discovery in an emerging area for medicines development, and a growing market.

Through this series of webinars, we explored the emerging hearing medicines landscape by inviting leading clinicians, academics and industry representatives along with people with lived experience of hearing loss, to share their expertise and insight.

Over 4 webinars we provided a 360-view of the field covering the patient need, the key challenges faced by innovators, how to commercialise your hearing research and why regenerative approaches could be a game-changer for hearing medicines discovery.

Webinar 1: Addressing an Unmet Need

This webinar explored the emerging field of hearing medicines discovery, and why this represents such an unmet need for people with hearing disorders.

Webinar 2: Challenges and Opportunities of Translational Hearing Research

This webinar explored the challenges in hearing drug discovery and translation, and learn how others are addressing them.

Webinar 3: “How and Why” to Commercialise your Hearing Research

This webinar provided an insight into the opportunities to commercialise hearing research, access hearing research capabilities and expertise, and secure investment.


Webinar 4: The Challenges and Opportunities for Emerging Cell and Gene Therapy Approaches to Address Hearing Loss

This webinar provided an introduction to the promise of cell and gene therapies for the treatment of hearing loss, and provided a forum for discussing the challenges and opportunities of this emerging therapeutic modality and its application for hearing loss.

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